L'Île Vierge

The bay of Douarnenez is the ideal setting for safe sailing. In order to discover the beauty of the landscapes of the Crozon peninsula, the Manor of Rulianec offers its guests a ring at the port of Morgat. This will allow them to discover the natural treasures of the bay: small creeks with turquoise waters, heather landscapes, cliffs of a thousand colours, 450 mysterious caves and other secrets. Perhaps they will be surprised to be accompanied by dolphins ?

Practical informations

The ring of the Port of Morgat attached to the Manor House of Rulianec makes it possible :

  • either to moor his own sailboat (maximum 12m)
  • or to moor a yacht made available by the owners with a skipper's accompaniment

The second option is not included in the rental price.


The + of the Manor of Rulianec

At the request of the tenants, the owners take care of the delivery of packed lunches. This way, holidaymakers can take full advantage of their excursions.


Le port de Morgat vu depuis le Manoir

The port of Morgat seen from the manor house

Vue panoramique du port de Morgat

Panoramic view of the port of Morgat